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Compelled began as the Fourfold Gospel Church in 1883. Although the church was affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance from the beginning, it wasn't until 1926 that it "officially" became the Troy Alliance Church. It was at this time that the church purchased a building at 105th street and 4th avenue in Lansingburgh. The church was at this location until 1973, when it moved into the Brunswick Grange hall. In February 1976 our present building, located at 761 Hoosick Road, was completed, and the congregation moved in. It was also at this time that the church was renamed "Green Hills Alliance Church".

Over time the church grew and then shrank, and came very close to closing in the 2000's.  With prayer, and a bit of trepidation, we decided to try something different, and launched "Compelled" as a service on Wednesday nights instead of the traditional Sunday in October of 2010.  Since then we've seen lives changed, new workers added, and had a lot of fun, and even helped birth another church outreach, Oaks Cafe, in Troy.  Church on Wednesdays actually turned out to not be terribly sustainable, but because of that, and really because of God's work, we've gone from almost closing to looking forward with anticipation and excitement to what's ahead.  To mark this new chapter, in March 2013 the church was relaunched as Compelled Christian Church.

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